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Embracing the Journey

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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”

~Arthur Ashe


Thank you for visiting As I Am Counseling & Therapy. I am currently accepting new clients at this time. Flexible evening and weekend appointments are also available. I offer a variety of counseling services for adults and adolescents. Whatever your individual needs may be,  I look forward to connecting with you soon. Please feel free to explore the services offered to better identify how I can best serve you!


Counseling Services

 Finding the right fit for you is the first step on the journey to healing. So whether your needs are personal in nature or you are struggling with other areas of relationship, you can be comforted that regardless of the forum you choose, you will have a safe place to share your feelings and have a better start in  the process of healing, hope, and personal freedom.

Girl by the Lake

"Embracing Life’s Challenges"



Individual therapy allows you to work closely with your therapist regarding any personal struggles you may have. This can be anything as simple as being confused about an issue to deep personal traumas that can lead to more critical mental health needs. Stress, anxiety, and depression continue to affect several individuals, even in non-traumatic circumstances. This forum allows individuals to work through issues safely without fear of judgment as well as establish resources and therapeutic techniques to strengthen self-efficacy.  We all deserve peace of mind. Individual counseling can help facilitate the process of establishing a better sense of wholeness.

Support Group Circle

"You're Not Alone"



Sometimes having additional support from others going through similar circumstances is helpful. Group therapy is a great way to explore your  personal feelings as well as receive constructive feedback, encouragement and support from other group members. Group catharsis allows individuals to express their emotions safely which can improve self-esteem, increase group cohesion, and reduce stress and anger considerably. Group therapy can also strengthen self-awareness, empathy for others, and provide diverse ways of establishing meaningful relationships in a unique way to establish healthier communication practices. 

We Do

"Discovering Healthy Communication, Restoration & Balance"



I'm right, you're wrong! In a perfect world we would selfishly love for that to be true but most of the time it typically is not. Marital or premarital counseling is a great way to gain new perspective about your partner and develop helpful skills to improve the quality of marriage. In the structure of any relationship, it is common that lines of communication can become blurred. Personal boundaries can get lost and sometimes a line in the sand is drawn. Seeking help through these moments can be a challenge, however, many individuals discover a better sense of well-being not only for themselves but their marriage overall. Who doesn't love a makeover from time to time? Couple's therapy is a great way to begin working through relational barriers..

Stones of Meaning

"Restoring Family Relationships"


Family has taken on new meanings in respect to relationships. No two families are alike just as each individual family member has their own unique personalities and characteristics. The way each member responds within the family structure can serve as a road map to enhancing and developing family bonding. Family therapy can help families work together to resolve specific issues, identify the role that family plays for each family member, and help families prepare for challenging life changes such as divorce, marriage, remarriage or even happier events that include children going off to college or moving out for the first time. Whatever the challenge, family therapy can help families identify their strengths and weaknesses, better resolve family conflicts to increase communication and ultimately strengthen the family network.

Education Books Bookshelfs

"Finding Your Niche & Purpose"


It is common for individuals to experience changes in their career role and goals as they proceed through career development. In some instances, a job that served as a financial means to survive often becomes a long-term job with limited enjoyment. Career counseling helps individuals discover their strengths and talents and identify jobs and careers that would best serve those strengths! Setting goals to seek out your desired job or career can be empowering and help to establish self-confidence. Once you have identified the best career choice that fits, planning and development of educational support and guidance is provided to help individuals reach their goals! Career counselors typically assist with resume support, mock interviews and provide tools and resources to help individuals become more prepared for long-term career development. 

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"Seeking Help & Support"


Too often, many individuals do not recognize or notice warning signs and symptoms that can save one's life. Having an assessment can provide helpful insight about feelings, behaviors, or symptoms you may be experiencing. These assessments help to identify core issues or problematic behaviors that are causing individual distress. Evaluation & Assessment can aid in identifying resources and interventions that can help manage your symptoms so a targeted care plan can be developed to best meet your personal wellness needs. Some common assessments offered include: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, mood disorders, trauma and more. If you are experiencing changes in your mood or behaviors, consider reaching out for an evaluation that can help identify and address areas of concern.   

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