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As I Am Counseling & Therapy serves to be an instrument of change that inspires hope and empowers individuals to enhance their personal growth and well-being by providing the best care to every client through ethical clinical practice, educational resources, and support of ongoing research.

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The vision of As I Am Counseling & Therapy is to humbly accept individuals as they are through providing a safe and healthy environment to communicate while strengthening individuals and families to better meet their goals and improve self-efficacy.

Embracing The Journey
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Identifying the problems that exist is half the battle. A careful assessment and evaluation can help you understand problems and challenges that may exist.


There is nothing like the feeling of confidence & freedom. The goal of counseling is not to just do what a counselor says but that individuals feel empowered to recognize the strengths they already have!

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Exploration can be very freeing. New perspectives and insight can be gained throughout the therapeutic process. Finding the best approach that you feel is best for you can help you better meet your goals.

About Me

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida & Virginia

Thank you for visiting As I Am Counseling & Therapy! I have been assisting with mental health support for over 20 years. I am thankful to have a long-standing passion for the mental health profession and serving in my community. Through discovering freedom in my own personal life challenges, I have been able to be a source of support for others in their time of need. 


We instinctively know what we need and desire for ourselves as well as changes we may need to make.  However, sometimes we simply need someone willing to listen and just be present with us through our struggles. I love being there for others and I enjoy extending the message of “hope” to so many who are suffering. 


It is my heart's desire to continue to serve to help others find their personal journey to healing, growth and change. I look forward to getting to know more about your unique strengths, difficult challenges you may face and how we can work together to best meet your desired needs.

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