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Counseling serves to assist individuals through many life challenges. Often,  many can manage life situations and stressors without guidance and minimal support, but there are times that life stressors can present challenging concerns and situations of all kinds. These stressors can begin to take a toll in many areas of one's life mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Having support to navigate these stressors can be helpful and minimize feeling overwhelmed.​  


After your intake paperwork is completed, you and your counselor will meet and work together to formulate a counseling plan based on your needs and the most effective evidence-based methods for addressing your concerns and goals for counseling. Throughout your time in treatment, you and your counselor will review the plan and adjust as needed, based on your request/needs. Effective psychotherapy requires that clinician experience, counselee willingness, and motivation connect to reach counseling and treatment goals. You can expect to always be treated with respect, understanding and receive positive encouragement as you journey throughout the counseling process to meet your selected goals. We will always provide a professional, and structured relationship wherein you feel safe to share your thoughts and feelings.   


There are times counseling can be challenging especially when learning to adapt to behaviors in ways that are productive throughout the counseling process and helpful for you in order to reflect the changes you are seeking to make as part of your treatment plan and goals. Embracing the journey is therapeutic process that many come to find rewarding and meaningful. We certainly look forward to working with you any way that we can to help you succeed. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please connect through our

Contact Us page.​​

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