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One thing many of us can agree on is we often find caring for and giving love to others easier than giving love to ourselves. Why is that? We seem to offer sound advice to our friends, family, even strangers! is often a struggle to stomach our own medicine. Often, we can be seen doubled over, gasping for air, and trembling at the thought of applying our own advice to oneself. Why are we the hardest on ourselves?

We must learn that in our ability to serve, protect, strengthen, and express deep compassion for others, we must do the same for ourselves. As a parent, I often find myself saying out loud, if it's good enough to want for my children, it's good enough to want for myself. After all, I'm someone's child too! 

So, in the bustle of the month most symbolic of "love", don't forget to give love to yourself no matter how difficult it may be. Develop words of comfort, love, encouragement and adoration for yourself. As some of candies in the image suggest, try saying "yes" to yourself first, sweet talk yourself, and make a conscious effort to spend time developing self-love.  Find something that you personally enjoy doing for fun and relaxation. Here's one I've started recently...Take yourself to dinner sometimes! Ha! I found it awkward at first because I believe we get stuck on developing relationships through the context of others, more so, than learning who we deeply are in our own skin. Whatever the challenge, I think many of us can agree, that we need to do a better job of taking care our ourselves. So, give yourself some love this season. Take care of "Loving You"! 


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