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Sharing Space: Joy & Pain

Oh joy! Sounds good right? Sometimes, just saying it brings a smile to my face. And other times, I admit, I use it rather sarcastically. We all have our days and often it is a struggle to manage the multitude of emotions we experience. If we are not careful we can get stuck in them as well. 

It is not realistic to chase constant happiness. Some of my greatest lessons came through experiencing trials and other moments of pain. It is through some of our most challenging moments that we grow in not only experience, but wisdom also. These moments of reflection we can look back upon, appreciate, and even laugh at ourselves from time to time!

We don't have to choose one emotion over the other.  Joy and pain can share the same space. We can experience a rough depression, grieve a loss, or face one of the biggest challenges our lifetime and still find happiness in the face of adversity. We all have the capacity to find the silver lining within our storms. And like dark clouds that still have beautiful light shining through, we have to be brave enough to still identify our light within our journey too. 


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