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You Have Purpose

"It's not easy being green... It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things" plays the epic song written by Joe Raposo and sung by the famous "Kermit The Frog". Catchy old tune right? Kermit was having a bad day like so many of us trying to fit in and find where we belong. Discovering purpose can be a challenging venture in the midst of so many talents and gifts that surround us. How does one find their "niche"? It certainly would be nice to have a simple answer for that question, but as we know, the answers aren't always easy to come by. 

Often, we spend so much time trying to find our one true purpose, but, I often wonder to myself, why does there have to be one purpose? Who determined that we can only have one? It seems to create such unnecessary pressure to find that one great thing we are good at or destined for but we were made for so much more! So what's wrong with having multiple purposes? We were designed for greatness and in greatness there is fullness. The sky presents in various beautiful colors, flowers bloom in vast arrays of beauty, and the good old leaves of green that Kermit was afraid of blending into and becoming lost in, are not just green. They bear many colors too!  Kermit grew to embrace his green and saw how his unique green was found in the beauty of spring, big as oceans, and in many other wonderful things. What an epiphany! We can learn from that simple tune that we control our own perception in ways that can propel us into joy and victory or destroy our hope. It is up to us to discover we are far more than ordinary, we are extraordinary.

In the midst of life and its struggles, don't ever forget that we all have value. We all have purpose, and yes, that includes you! Be Yourself! Embrace all of your gifts and purpose(s)!


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